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# Date Title Creators
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8 2007-10-01 Reply Journal Article Database Narrative Scholarly Ed Folsom author
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11 2009 Liu's Ethics of the Database Journal Article Database Scholarly Vicki Callahan author
12 2011-10-27 Docupoetry and Archive Desire Web Page Documentary Database Poetry Scholarly Joseph Harrington author
13 2011-12-01 Something New Journal Article Database Scholarly Lisa Gitelman author
14 2012 How We Think: Digital Media and Contemporary Technogenesis Book Database Electronic Narrative Scholarly N Katherine Hayles author
15 2012 Searching the Archives with Dickens and Hawthorne: Databases and Aesthetic Judgment after the New Historicism Journal Article Database Scholarly Maurice S Lee author
16 2014-12-04 The Essay/Ontology Workflow, Challenges in Combining Formal and Interpretive Methods Journal Article Database Electronic Scholarly Miguel Escobar Varela author