Researching at the Wellesley Historical Society

Benjamin Laird

For the past six weeks I have been researching the Denton family collection at the Wellesley Historical Society. The collection is immense and so, unfortunately, I was not able to view all the documents related to William Denton in detail. That is a task that would take a significantly longer time commitment, because the Dentons kept seemingly every piece of paper and small object related to their lives: correspondence, diaries, artefacts, slides, business and legal documents and even posters and tickets from William Denton’s lectures.

I have had expected and unexpected finds while trying to create a fuller picture of Denton’s life. Among the documents I found were Alfred Deakin’s letters to William Denton (letters from Denton to Deakin are with the Papers of Alfred Deakin at the National Library of Australia), allowing me a clearer sense of their relationship and common interests. Of course, there may ...

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The Durham Poems

The Durham Poems are a collection of poems concerning William Denton’s childhood and youth, specifically the years 1823 to 1842, in the County of Durham, UK. William Denton was born in Darlington and spent his early working life in Darlington and Shildon, working a number of jobs and apprenticeships, first as a currier when he was eleven and from the age of fourteen as a machinist in Timothy Hackworth’s workshop.

It was also during this period that Denton proselytised on a range of topics including temperance and religion. He kept drafts of these speeches in his early journals ...

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Date Title
1883-05-11 11/5/83 Dear W Denton Alfred Deakin William Denton Letter
1882-09-14 14/9/82 Dear W Denton Alfred Deakin William Denton Letter
1882-09-19 19/9/82 Dear W Denton Alfred Deakin William Denton Letter
1883-01-25 25/1/83 Dear W Denton Alfred Deakin William Denton Letter
1883-02-16 Australian Museum, Sydney, 16 Feb 1883 Sutherland Sinclair William Denton Letter

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