# Date Title Creators
101 1879 The Pocasset Tragedy the Legitimate Fruit of Christianity: A Discourse Book William Denton author
102 1881-11-05 The Police Commission. To the Editor of the Advocate. Newspaper Article
103 1882-02-10 The Record. Published Weekly. To Correspondents. Newspaper Article
104 1865/1905 The Religio-Philosophical Journal Document
105 1863 The Soul of Things; or, Psychometric Researches and Discoveries Book William Denton author, Elizabeth M Foote Denton author
106 1873 The Soul of Things, or, Psychometric Researches and Discoveries, Volume 2 Book William Denton author
107 1874 The Soul of Things; or, Psychometric Researches and Discoveries, Volume 3 Book William Denton author
108 1916 The Story of the Pearl Book Sherman Foote Denton author
109 1857/1859 The Vanguard Document Elizabeth M Foote Denton editor, William Denton editor, Annie Denton Cridge editor, Alfred Cridge editor
110 1876 The World's Sages, Infidels, and Thinkers Book De Robigne Mortimer Bennett author
111 1882-04-17 To the Editor of the "Evening Mail" Newspaper Article
112 1884-03-05 Town Talk Newspaper Article
113 UI Collection Guides -Daniel H. Talbot Papers, 1882-1904 Web Page
114 1882-04-17 Untitled Newspaper Article
115 1882-05-26 Untitled Newspaper Article
116 1884 Utopia; or, The History of an Extinct Planet Book Alfred Denton Cridge author, Duke University Libraries contributor
117 1874-02-09 Wellesley, Mass., Feb 9th, 74 Letter Elizabeth M Foote Denton author, William Lloyd Garrison recipient
118 1877 What Was He? Or, Jesus in the Light of the Nineteenth Century Book William Denton author
119 1882 Who Are Christians? : A Discourse, Delivered in Music Hall, Boston, Mass. Book William Denton author
120 1880 Who Killed Mary Stannard? Two New Witnesses: Clairvoyance and Psychometry Demonstrated Book William Denton author