Sherman Foote Denton

# Date Title Creators
1 1828/1968 Denton Family Papers Document Carrie Delynia Denton author, Elizabeth M Foote Denton author, Mildred Denton author, Robert Winsford Denton author, Shelley Wright Denton author, Sherman Foote Denton author, Vanessa Denton author, William Denton author, William Dixon Denton author, Sherman Foote author
2 1882-10 Denton's Illustrated Scientific Lectures Artwork Sherman Foote Denton artist
3 Device for Mounting Entomological Specimens Patent Sherman Foote Denton inventor
4 1889 Incidents of a Collector's Rambles in Australia, New Zealand, and New Guinea Book Sherman Foote Denton author
5 1916 The Story of the Pearl Book Sherman Foote Denton author