# Date Title Creators
1 Works by Prof. William Denton Document
2 1882-01-16 William Denton. To The Editor. Newspaper Article
3 1870 William Denton, the Geologist and Radical: A Biographical Sketch Book James Henry Powell author
4 1883-10-17 William Denton Newspaper Article
5 1883-10-30 William Denton Newspaper Article
6 1880 Who Killed Mary Stannard? Two New Witnesses: Clairvoyance and Psychometry Demonstrated Book William Denton author
7 1882 Who Are Christians? : A Discourse, Delivered in Music Hall, Boston, Mass. Book William Denton author
8 1877 What Was He? Or, Jesus in the Light of the Nineteenth Century Book William Denton author
9 1874-02-09 Wellesley, Mass., Feb 9th, 74 Letter Elizabeth M Foote Denton author, William Lloyd Garrison recipient
10 1884 Utopia; or, The History of an Extinct Planet Book Alfred Denton Cridge author, Duke University Libraries contributor
11 1882-04-17 Untitled Newspaper Article
12 1882-05-26 Untitled Newspaper Article
13 UI Collection Guides -Daniel H. Talbot Papers, 1882-1904 Web Page
14 1884-03-05 Town Talk Newspaper Article
15 1882-04-17 To the Editor of the "Evening Mail" Newspaper Article
16 1876 The World's Sages, Infidels, and Thinkers Book De Robigne Mortimer Bennett author
17 1857/1859 The Vanguard Document Elizabeth M Foote Denton editor, William Denton editor, Annie Denton Cridge editor, Alfred Cridge editor
18 1916 The Story of the Pearl Book Sherman Foote Denton author
19 1874 The Soul of Things; or, Psychometric Researches and Discoveries, Volume 3 Book William Denton author
20 1873 The Soul of Things, or, Psychometric Researches and Discoveries, Volume 2 Book William Denton author