# Date Title Creators
1 1980 Zero Hour and Other Documentary Poems Book Documentary Poetry Creative Ernesto Cardenal author, Donald Devenish Walsh contributor
2 2006-09-25 Writing the Virtual: Eleven Dimensions of E-Poetry Article Electronic Poetry Scholarly Stephanie Strickland author
3 2005 Writing on Complex Surfaces Web Page Electronic Poetry Scholarly John Cayley author
4 2019 Writing Lines, Writing Lives: The Art of Poetic Biography Book Section Biographical Poetry Scholarly Jessica L Wilkinson author, Jo Parnell editor
5 2016-05-03 Writing Coastlines Article Electronic Poetry Scholarly JR Carpenter author
6 2011-10 Writers, Writing and Writing Programs in the Information Age: Code, Collaboration and Interdisciplinary Connection Article Electronic Poetry Scholarly Anna Gibbs author
7 Woodstock Journal Web Page Documentary Poetry Ed Sanders author
8 2010-06-10 Women of Troy: A Documentary Poem Blog Post Documentary Poetry Scholarly Danielle Blau author
9 2015 Wittgenstein Elegies Book Biographical Poetry Creative Jan Zwicky author
10 Windsound Artwork Electronic Poetry Creative John Cayley artist
11 2011-07-26 Who Grabbed My Gorge Blog Post Electronic Poetry Scholarly Nick Montfort author
12 2007-10-01 Whitman, Database, Information Culture Article Database Scholarly Jonathan Freedman author
13 1999 White-Faced Bromeliads on 20 Hectares Artwork Electronic Poetry Creative Loss Pequeño Glazier artist
14 2011-04-04 'What Kind of Poem Would You Make Out of That?' Web Page Documentary Poetry Scholarly Dan Featherston author
15 2009 What Is and Toward What End Do We Read Digital Literature? Book Section Electronic Scholarly Roberto Simanowski author, Francisco J Ricardo editor
16 2012 WebGL: Up and Running Book Electronic Technical Tony Parisi author
17 2014 Walks From City Bus Routes Artwork Electronic Narrative Creative JR Carpenter artist
18 2008-05-25 Voyage Into the Unknown Artwork Documentary Electronic Creative Roderick Coover artist
19 2013-03 Voice, Music, Sound: Poetic Histories Beyond the Printed Word in the Collaborations of Susan Howe and David Grubbs Article Biographical Documentary Poetry Scholarly Jessica L Wilkinson author
20 2012 Visual Research and the New Documentary Article Documentary Scholarly Roderick Coover author