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# Date Title Creators
1 2008-04-15 A Companion to Digital Humanities Book Electronic Scholarly Susan Schreibman editor, Ray Siemens editor, John Unsworth editor
2 2003 Against Certain Capture Thesis Biographical Poetry Scholarly Miriam W Lo author
3 2007-10-01 Against Thinking Article Database Scholarly Peter Stallybrass author
4 1902 A Guide to the Best Historical Novels and Tales Book Historical Novel Scholarly Jonathan Nield author
5 1999-07-01 A Ma(t)ter of Fact and Vision: The Objectivity Question and Muriel Rukeyser's "The Book of the Dead" Article Documentary Poetry Scholarly Shoshana Wechsler author
6 1984 Amelia or: Who Do You Think You Are? Documentary and Identity in Canadian Literature Article Biographical Documentary Poetry Scholarly Stephen Scobie author
7 2010 An Interview with Mark Nowak Article Documentary Poetry Scholarly Steel Wagstaff author
8 2010-04-24 Another Miner Dies in Raleigh County, West Virginia Blog Post Documentary Poetry Scholarly Mark Nowak author
9 1992 A Poetics Book Poetry Scholarly Charles Bernstein author
10 1995-07-01 Archive Fever: A Freudian Impression Article Database Scholarly Jacques Derrida author, Eric Prenowitz author
11 2016-02-28 A Topographical Approach to Re-Reading Books about Islands in Digital Literary Spaces Article Electronic Poetry Scholarly JR Carpenter author
12 2011 Attack of the Difficult Poems: Essays and Inventions Book Poetry Scholarly Charles Bernstein author
13 2003 Attitudes on the Move. On the Perception of Digital Poetry Objects Book Section Electronic Poetry Scholarly Janez Strehovec author, Markku Eskelinen editor, Raine Koskimaa editor
14 2003-05-01 Barrett Watten's Bad History: A Counter-Epic of the Gulf War Article Documentary Poetry Scholarly Philip Metres author
15 2009 Beginning to Think about Narrative in Poetry Article Poetry Narrative Scholarly Brian McHale author
16 2014-12 Beyond Facts and Accuracies Article Biographical Poetry Scholarly Jessica L Wilkinson author
17 2011-09-07 Beyond Grief and Grievance Web Page Documentary Poetry Scholarly Philip Metres author
18 2009 Beyond Taxonomy: Digital Poetics and the Problem of Reading Book Section Electronic Poetry Scholarly Talan Memmott author, Adalaide Morris editor, Thomas Swiss editor
19 Born Digital Thesis Electronic Poetry Scholarly Maria Engberg author
20 2011-11-01 Codes and Codings in Crisis Signification, Performativity and Excess Article Electronic Scholarly Theo Vurdubakis author, Adrian Mackenzie author