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# Date Title Creators
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83 1989 The Legible City Artwork Electronic Creative Jeffrey Shaw artist
84 2001-04-16 The Measured Word: On Poetry and Science Book Electronic Poetry Scholarly Kurt Brown author
85 2002 Theory as Praxis: The Poetics of Electronic Textuality Journal Article Electronic Scholarly Johanna Drucker author
86 2012 There He Was, Gone Artwork Documentary Electronic Poetry Creative JR Carpenter artist
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88 2018 This is a Picture of Wind Artwork Documentary Electronic Poetry Creative JR Carpenter artist
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90 2019 Towards a Digital Poetics Book Electronic Scholarly James O'Sullivan author
91 Translation Artwork Electronic Poetry Creative John Cayley artist
92 2010 Typing the Dancing Signifier: Jim Andrews' (Vis)Poetics Thesis Electronic Poetry Scholarly Leonardo Luis Flores author
93 2007 Unforeseeable Sentences: Body/Mapping on Acton Peninsula Thesis Documentary Electronic Poetry Scholarly Jordan Williams author
94 1996 Virtual Muse: Experiments in Computer Poetry Book Electronic Poetry Scholarly Charles O Hartman author
95 2008-05-25 Voyage Into the Unknown Artwork Documentary Electronic Creative Roderick Coover artist
96 2014 Walks From City Bus Routes Artwork Electronic Narrative Creative JR Carpenter artist
97 2012 WebGL: Up and Running Book Electronic Technical Tony Parisi author
98 2009 What Is and Toward What End Do We Read Digital Literature? Book Section Electronic Scholarly Roberto Simanowski author, Francisco J Ricardo editor
99 1999 White-Faced Bromeliads on 20 Hectares Artwork Electronic Poetry Creative Loss Pequeño Glazier artist
100 2011-07-26 Who Grabbed My Gorge Blog Post Electronic Poetry Scholarly Nick Montfort author