Suite for Percy Grainger: A Biography Book

TitleSuite for Percy Grainger: A Biography
AuthorJessica L Wilkinson
ISBN9781922181206 192218120X
AbstractSuite for Pecry Grainger: A Biography is an experimental poetic work on the life and times of one of Australia's most innovative and diversely accomplished musicians and composers, Percy Grainger. Alongside his immense musical output - including original compositions and folk-song arrangements - Grainger was also a keen essayist, a voracious reader, a dedicated letter writer, and an eager archivist, establishing the Grainger Museum as a repository for over 100,000 items including correspondence, clothing, musical manuscripts, instruments and everyday objects (not to forget his infamous whip collection). Of interest to Wilkinson, as a poet with one eye wandering into historical archives, is how one might write a biography sympathetic to Grainger's personality, lifestyle and philosophies.
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