# Date Title Creators
1 2010 1: Statement of Facts Book Documentary Poetry Creative Vanessa Place author
2 2012 Abu Ghraib Arias Book Documentary Poetry Creative Philip Metres author
3 2003 Against Certain Capture Thesis Biographical Poetry Scholarly Miriam W Lo author
4 2004 Against Certain Capture Book Biographical Poetry Creative Miriam W Lo author
5 2007-10-01 Against Thinking Journal Article Database Scholarly Peter Stallybrass author
6 1902 A Guide to the Best Historical Novels and Tales Book Historical Novel Scholarly Jonathan Nield author
7 1992 Akhenaten Book Biographical Poetry Creative Dorothy Porter author
8 1999-07-01 A Ma(t)ter of Fact and Vision: The Objectivity Question and Muriel Rukeyser's "The Book of the Dead" Journal Article Documentary Poetry Scholarly Shoshana Wechsler author
9 1984 Amelia or: Who Do You Think You Are? Documentary and Identity in Canadian Literature Journal Article Biographical Documentary Poetry Scholarly Stephen Scobie author
10 2005 Anarchive Book Documentary Poetry Creative Stephen Collis author
11 2013 ...And by Islands I Mean Paragraphs Artwork Documentary Electronic Poetry Creative JR Carpenter artist
12 1999 And Forget My Name: A Speculative Biography of Bob Dylan Book Biographical Poetry Creative Stephen Scobie author
13 2010 An Interview with Mark Nowak Journal Article Documentary Poetry Scholarly Steel Wagstaff author
14 2010-04-24 Another Miner Dies in Raleigh County, West Virginia Blog Post Documentary Poetry Scholarly Mark Nowak author
15 1999 Anyone Can See I Love You Book Section Biographical Poetry Creative Marilyn Bowering author
16 1992 A Poetics Book Poetry Scholarly Charles Bernstein author
17 2018 A Poet Walks Through an Archive: Processing the Poetic Biography Book Section Biographical Poetry Scholarly Jessica L Wilkinson author, James Oliver editor
18 2019 Archival-Poetics Book Documentary Poetry Creative Natalie Harkin author
19 1995-07-01 Archive Fever: A Freudian Impression Journal Article Database Scholarly Jacques Derrida author, Eric Prenowitz author
20 2016-02-28 A Topographical Approach to Re-Reading Books about Islands in Digital Literary Spaces Journal Article Electronic Poetry Scholarly JR Carpenter author