Cutting Code: Software and Sociality Book

TitleCutting Code: Software and Sociality
AuthorAdrian Mackenzie
PublisherPeter Lang
PlaceNew York
ISBN0-8204-7823-7 978-0-8204-7823-4
Abstract"Cutting Code: Software and Sociality is one of the first books to treat software seriously as a full-blown cultural process and as a subtly powerful material in contemporary communication. From deCSS to Java, from Linux to Extreme Programming, this book analyzes software artworks, operating systems, commercial products, infrastructures, and programming practices. It explores the social forms, identities, materialities, and power relations associated with software, and it asks how software provokes the re-thinking of production, consumption and distribution as entwined cultural processes. Cutting Code argues that analysis of code as a mosaic of algorithms, protocols, infrastructures, and programming conventions offers valuable insights into how contemporary social formations invent new kinds of personhood and new ways of acting."--BOOK JACKET.
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