# Date Title Creators
21 1863 The Soul of Things; or, Psychometric Researches and Discoveries Book William Denton author, Elizabeth M Foote Denton author
22 1865/1905 The Religio-Philosophical Journal Document
23 1882-02-10 The Record. Published Weekly. To Correspondents. Newspaper Article
24 1881-11-05 The Police Commission. To the Editor of the Advocate. Newspaper Article
25 1879 The Pocasset Tragedy the Legitimate Fruit of Christianity: A Discourse Book William Denton author
26 1881-07-06 The Otago Daily Times. Wednesday, July 6, 1881. Newspaper Article
27 1901-03-13 The Occult. Newspaper Article
28 1892-09-03 The Mineral Wealth of Western Australia. A Prediction from the Spirit World. Newspaper Article
29 1882 The Life and Work of James A. Garfield Book John Clark Ridpath author
30 1883-10-17 The Late William Denton. Newspaper Article
31 1883-10-25 The Late William Denton Newspaper Article
32 1883-11-24 The Late Professor William Denton. Newspaper Article
33 1872 The God Proposed for Our National Constitution: A Lecture, Given in Music Hall, Boston, on Sunday Afternoon, May 5, 1872 Book William Denton author
34 1849 The Foote Family Book Nathaniel Goodwin author
35 1883-12-06 The Dentons in New Guinea Newspaper Article
36 1882 The Deluge in the Light of Modern Science: A Discourse Book William Denton author
37 1883-02-10 The Deluge in the Light of Modern Science Newspaper Article
38 1880-03-17 The City of Sydney. Newspaper Article
39 1881-06-27 The Californian Mail (Reuter's Telegrams) Auckland, June 26 Newspaper Article
40 1883 "The Argus" expedition in New Guinea - death of Professor Denton Artwork