Clunes Oct 5, 82 Letter

TitleClunes Oct 5, 82
AuthorWilliam Denton
RecipientAlfred Deakin
ArchivePapers of Alfred Deakin
Location in archive1/10

Clunes Oct 5, 82

Dear Friend Deakin,

The specimen no 1, which I left with you, is one of the most interesting in the world, and there is connected with it, as you may judge from the glimpses you have obtained, an immense volume, which I judge from what you and Mrs D have done, you can read and translate for humanity’s benefit. I wish you would go backward in its history as you did before and get in detail, what at that time you only obtained glimpses of. It would be of the greatest value to me and the practise would I think be of great benefit to you.

Your Sincere Friend

William Denton