Hamilton Sep 25, 82 Letter

TitleHamilton Sep 25, 82
AuthorWilliam Denton
RecipientAlfred Deakin
ArchivePapers of Alfred Deakin
Location in archive1/13

Hamilton Sep 25, 82

Dear Mr Deakin

I have read the sketch with a great deal of interest. I cannot credit your imaginations with any portion of it. The specimen is meteorite and what you see agrees marvellously with what others have seen with the same specimen. I am very desirous that you should get the position in space of the world of which the specimen formed a part and follow if you can its career from the time when you left it. It seems to me that you and Mrs D can do grand work by psychometric means.

Shall try to see you on Saturday evening about 6 if that will be convenient to you.

Your Sincere Friend

William Denton