# Date Title Creators
1 Buchanan's Journal of Man Web Page
2 City of Sydney Artwork George Schutze artist
3 Denton Road National Conservation District Web Page
4 Denton, William, 1823-1883 Web Page
5 Joseph A. Labadie Collection Web Page
6 Labadie Photograph Collection, University of Michigan Web Page
7 Talbot Bird Collection Web Page
8 UI Collection Guides -Daniel H. Talbot Papers, 1882-1904 Web Page
9 Works by Prof. William Denton Document
10 1828/1968 Denton Family Papers Document Carrie Delynia Denton author, Elizabeth M Foote Denton author, Mildred Denton author, Robert Winsford Denton author, Shelley Wright Denton author, Sherman Foote Denton author, Vanessa Denton author, William Denton author, William Dixon Denton author, Sherman Foote author
11 1856 Poems for Reformers Book William Denton author
12 1857/1859 The Vanguard Document Elizabeth M Foote Denton editor, William Denton editor, Annie Denton Cridge editor, Alfred Cridge editor
13 1859 Address Delivered on the Anniversary of the Birth-day of Thomas Paine, in the Melodeon Hall Cincinnati, Ohio, January 29, 1859. Book William Denton author
14 1863 Nature's Secrets; or, Psychometric Researches Book William Denton author, Elizabeth M Foote Denton author
15 1863 The Soul of Things; or, Psychometric Researches and Discoveries Book William Denton author, Elizabeth M Foote Denton author
16 1865/1905 The Religio-Philosophical Journal Document
17 1870 Man's Rights; or, How Would You Like It? Book Annie Denton Cridge author
18 1870 William Denton, the Geologist and Radical: A Biographical Sketch Book James Henry Powell author
19 1870/1854 Correspondence, with Agnes Inglis, 1933-1951. Letter Bertha F Johnson author, Agnes Inglis author, Emery Andrews author
20 1871 Christianity No Finality, or, Spiritualism Superior to Christianity Book William Denton author