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# Date Title Creators
1 2006-09-25 Writing the Virtual: Eleven Dimensions of E-Poetry Article Electronic Poetry Scholarly Stephanie Strickland author
2 2005 Writing on Complex Surfaces Web Page Electronic Poetry Scholarly John Cayley author
3 2016-05-03 Writing Coastlines Article Electronic Poetry Scholarly JR Carpenter author
4 2011-10 Writers, Writing and Writing Programs in the Information Age: Code, Collaboration and Interdisciplinary Connection Article Electronic Poetry Scholarly Anna Gibbs author
5 2010-06-10 Women of Troy: A Documentary Poem Blog Post Documentary Poetry Scholarly Danielle Blau author
6 2011-07-26 Who Grabbed My Gorge Blog Post Electronic Poetry Scholarly Nick Montfort author
7 2007-10-01 Whitman, Database, Information Culture Article Database Scholarly Jonathan Freedman author
8 2011-04-04 'What Kind of Poem Would You Make Out of That?' Web Page Documentary Poetry Scholarly Dan Featherston author
9 2009 What Is and Toward What End Do We Read Digital Literature? Book Section Electronic Scholarly Roberto Simanowski author, Francisco J Ricardo editor
10 2013-03 Voice, Music, Sound: Poetic Histories Beyond the Printed Word in the Collaborations of Susan Howe and David Grubbs Article Documentary Poetry Scholarly Jessica L Wilkinson author
11 2012 Visual Research and the New Documentary Article Documentary Scholarly Roderick Coover author
12 1996 Virtual Muse: Experiments in Computer Poetry Book Electronic Poetry Scholarly Charles O Hartman author
13 2010 Unoriginal Genius: Poetry by Other Means in the New Century Book Poetry Scholarly Marjorie Perloff author
14 2007 Unforeseeable Sentences: Body/Mapping on Acton Peninsula Thesis Documentary Electronic Poetry Scholarly Jordan Williams author
15 2011 Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age Book Poetry Scholarly Kenneth Goldsmith author
16 2010 Typing the Dancing Signifier: Jim Andrews' (Vis)Poetics Thesis Electronic Poetry Scholarly Leonardo Luis Flores author
17 2013-09-25 Trespass and Presumption Web Page Documentary Poetry Scholarly Stefania Heim author
18 2006 Time Code Language: New Media Poetics and Programmed Signification Book Section Electronic Poetry Scholarly John Cayley author, Adalaide Morris editor, Thomas Swiss editor
19 2014-07 Through the Poet’s Lens: Documentary Poetry and Historical Recovery Article Documentary Poetry Scholarly Jessica L Wilkinson author
20 2014 Thinking Some More about Narrative in Poetry: A Brief Reply to Bruce Heiden Article Poetry Narrative Scholarly Brian McHale author