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# Date Title Creators
1 1980 Zero Hour and Other Documentary Poems Book Documentary Poetry Creative Ernesto Cardenal author, Donald Devenish Walsh contributor
2 2015 Wittgenstein Elegies Book Biographical Poetry Creative Jan Zwicky author
3 Windsound Artwork Electronic Poetry Creative John Cayley artist
4 1999 White-Faced Bromeliads on 20 Hectares Artwork Electronic Poetry Creative Loss Pequeño Glazier artist
5 2014 Walks From City Bus Routes Artwork Electronic Narrative Creative JR Carpenter artist
6 2008-05-25 Voyage Into the Unknown Artwork Documentary Electronic Creative Roderick Coover artist
7 1938 U.S.1. Book Documentary Poetry Creative Muriel Rukeyser author
8 2014-11-02 Tristano Book Novel Narrative Creative Nanni Balestrini author, Umberto Eco contributor
9 Translation Artwork Electronic Poetry Creative John Cayley artist
10 2013 To the Barricades Book Documentary Poetry Creative Stephen Collis author
11 2007 The Unfortunates Book Novel Narrative Creative BS Johnson author
12 1970 The True Eventual Story of Billy the Kid Book Biographical Poetry Creative bpNichol author
13 2012 There He Was, Gone Artwork Documentary Electronic Poetry Creative JR Carpenter artist
14 2007 The Red Parts: A Memoir Book Biographical Creative Maggie Nelson author
15 1993 The Nonconformist's Memorial Book Documentary Poetry Creative Susan Howe author
16 1989 The Legible City Artwork Electronic Creative Jeffrey Shaw artist
17 2007-09 The Last Performance Artwork Electronic Poetry Creative Judd Morrissey artist
18 1970 The Journals of Susanna Moodie Book Biographical Poetry Creative Margaret Atwood author
19 1998 The Hanging of Jean Lee Book Biographical Poetry Creative Jordie Albiston author
20 1995 The Fuehrer Bunker: The Complete Cycle Book Biographical Poetry Creative WD Snodgrass author